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Character sent in by: Leonard Savage (Wemic-sClaw@webtv.net)
Name: Lars          Age: 19  Sex: Male
Class: Ranger       Ht:  7'
Race: Wemic         Wt: 750lbsLevel: 8                    
Hair: Golden        Align: Neutral          
Eyes: Green
STR: 17                    H.P: 77
INT: 16              Unfortuatly His mane 
DEX: 17             Was recently burned
CON: 16             as he was captured 
WIS: 16                     A.C.:-3
CHA: 15             Thaco: Norm: 14 Adjusted: 9         
                 Saving Throws
Poison: 10       
Paralzation: 11
Rod: 12           
Breath: 9
Spell: 11    
                 Weapons and Armor
Natural: Claw/claw 1-6
+3 Battle Axe (double bladed) 1-8/1-8
One handed long sword    1-8/1-12
6' spear    1-6  
Chain mail silenced (wrapped in leather)Condition: New 
this suit was specally made for his body.considered +2 

                    Magic Items
+3 ring of protection   1 potion of Vitality
              1 Potion of Invisability
 Large Saddle bags: Fresh wraps for wounds. Salve for quicker healing  
Belt worn around waist.  two pouches contents: Gems (quite a few),
Coins, ring of unknown worth Shoulder strap harness for Sword.

                        Quick History
As a Cub his tribe was attacked only a few survived, He was taken as
a slave. For 4 years he served as a grunt forced to carry water for
the builders of a castle.  Later he was purchached by Elves.  They
treated him as one of there own and in payment of his freedom he
served them as a Healers aprentance. (herbal)  They tought him the
Ranger skills he needed to know. He was with them for 5 Years, still
travels with one from time to time (Donny Brook)..  Later Lars found
the remainder of his tribe and dicoverd who had attacked them and
took his freedom.  He Battled the Chief and took over.. Searching for
the next 2 years he found all but one of the Men with the Griffin
cluching a trident and sword crest and put them in thier well
deserved graves..

Words to live by: Beware Dragons with bottles of BBQ  
                             Northern Wemic

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