P.C.'s that I have gamed with in the past

Name: Rebas                 Strength: 18/97%
Race: Dwarf                 Intelligence: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral  Wisdom: 17
Class: Fighter              Dexterity: 18
Level: 15                   Constitution: 15
Armor Class: -11            Charisma: 15
Hit Points: 132             *Perception: 16
God: Moonshae               World: Forgotten Realms

Proficiencies: Blind Fighting, Tracking, Looting, Mountaineering,
               Riding Land Based, Languages Modern, Rope Use, Swimming, 
               Set Snares
Weapons: +5 Vorpal Scimitar, +3 Scimitar, +3 Dagger, Sword of Cymyrch
         (+4 longsword), +4 Short bow, 48 +1 Silver-tipped Sheaf Arrows, 
Armor: +4 Full Plate, Shiekd of the Lionheart
Magic Items: 3 Bags of Holding, Amulet: Proof from Decapitation, Broom of Flying,
             Boots of Stealth
Rings: +3 Protection, Fly, Invisibility, Speed x3, Teleport Without Error,
       Water Breathing, Cursed (Silence)
Money & Treasure: P.P.-12 / G.P.-14,255 / E.P.-66,666 / S.P.-4 / C.P.-0
                  4 sm. Gems Value-?, Bag of sm. Diamonds Value-?
Character Notes: (will add at a later date)

Name: Cragon                   Strength: 18-91%
Rcae: Dwarf                    Intelligence: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Neutarl(E)  Wisdom: 17
Class: Fighter                 Dexterity: 18
Level: 18                      Constitution: 14
Armor Class: -13/-16           Charisma: 15
Hit Points: 180                *Perception: 16
God: Odin                      World: Forgotten Realms

Proficiencies: Blind Fighting, Armorer, Looting, Brewing, Blacksmithing,
               Tracking, Direction Sense, Riding Landbased, Riding Airborne, 
Weapons: +5 Scimitar, +4 Dagger, +4 Battle Axe, +1 Comp. Shortbow, 
         24 Sheaf Arrows, 9 +3 Arrows of Giant Slaying
Armor: Great Helm, +5 Full Plate
Magic Items: +5 Cloak of Protection, Cube of Force, Bracers of Archery,
             Cloak of Displacement, 2 Bags of Holding, Hewards Handy Haversack,
             Wand of Magic Missiles 100 charges
Rings: +3 Regeneration, 2 +4 Protection, Fly, Invisibility, Speed(45mph),
       +2 Protection, Cure Light Wounds 5 charges, Wishes 4 charges,
       Raise Dead
Money & Treasure: P.P.-55 / G.P.-600,022 / E.P.-60 / S.P.-0 / C.P.-0
                  8 sm Gems Value-?
Character Notes: Will add at a later date

Name: Tanis                     Strength: 18
Race: Wemic/High-Elf            Intelligence: 16
Alignment: Lawful Good          Wisdom: 17
Class: Fighter                  Dexterity: 18
Level: 7                        Constitution: 17
Armor Class: -4                 Charisma: 8
Hit Points: 91                  *Perception: 16
God: Torm the True              World: Forgotten Realms

Proficiencies: Blind Fighting, Hunting, Rope Use, Jumping

Weapons: Longsword of Babette Malestrom(See Character Notes)

Armor: Full Plate +4

Magic Items: ----

Rings: ----

Money & Treasure: P.P.-0 / G.P.-0 / E.P.-0 / S.P.-0 / C.P.-0

Character Notes: Originally A full High-Elf Tanis started out his 
adventuring days as a slave sent along with a gruop of adventurers on 
a mission to gather components for a wizard. Upon completion of this 
journey Tanis would gain freedom for himself and also for his sister. 
   Tanis started out as a Fighter/Thief that worshipped Bast(Egyptian
Goddess of Cats) who out of a moment of extreme stupidity attacked an 
illusion of Bast(wich he thought was actually Bast),wich got the 
attention of the actual Bast who showed up not to happy with Tanis. As
punishment for his act he was turned into a Wemic, although he still
retained all of the stanard abilities of an Elf. 
   After getting used to his new form Tanis cotinued on with the rest 
of the party. While approaching a city the party was ambushed by 
bandits, Tanis beeing very greedy, started to loot the bodies before 
the fight was completely over with, one of the bandits shot Tanis 
with an Arquebus blowing part of Tanis' brain out(he surived thanks to
a cleric in the party), so now Tanis was not only greedy but really 
stupid as well.
   During another part of the journey, the party was attacked by an
extremely huge flock of crows of varying sizes. Tanis wond up having
abdomen tore wide open(didn't have the full plate yet). after the party
managed to get away it was obvious that Tanis would die unless given 
some serios help that the party's cleric just could not give. Luckily
there was a town/city a short distance away. Luckily For me the DM 
must have been in a good mood that night because Tanis made it to the 
town in time and there was a temple to 'Bast' in it. The clerics in
the temple agreed to help Tanis, for a donation of course. The 
treatment wound up taking several game nights so I gamed with an Elven
Mercenary(who wound up dead) during this time.
   Eventually Tanis made it back to the party (with the help of a 
teleport spell) completely healed, only with metal claws instead of 
natural ones(gift from the clerics). We eventually came to a castle, 
keep, or a dungeon(can't remember wich) were there was some of the 
spell components we were after. While we were exploring the passageways 
we came upon three sets of armor, The first polished silver-like metal, 
the second green metal with etchings of leaves and
vines all over it, the third black metal with the look of total chaos 
to it. One member took the green set, I took the silver set, and 
nobody (to the dissapointment of the DM) took the black set. Tanis put
on the torso, arms, and helment of the suit(couldn't wear the legs 
being a wemic) and that when I found out just who the suit used to 
belong to. The armor used to belong to a Palidin whose spirit still 
inhabited the armor and wanted to be able to continue his work for 
Torm. A battle of wills took place and unfotunately Tanis lost. 
   Now I have a PC who is a wemic that wants to be polymorped into a 
human so that he can be a Palidin of Torm. Needless to say this has 
been my favorite character to date.
Name: Balor                      Strength:16
Race: High-Elf                   Intelligence:18
Alingment:Chaotic Nuetral        Wisdom:16
Class: Mage                      Dexterity: 16
Level: 12                        Constitution: 16
Armor Class: -5                  Charisma:15
Hit Points: 72                   *Perception: 17
God: N/A                         World: Forgotten Realms

Proficiencies: Spellcraft, Direction Sense, Languages Ancient, 
               Languages Modern, Reading/Writting, Herbalism, 
               Rope Use, Animal Handling, Brewing, Gem Cutting, 
               Looting, Riding Land Based

Weapons: +1 Sling, +1 Dagger, +2 Dagger

Armor: ------

Magic Items: Wand of Lightning Bolts(50 charges), Wand of Revealing,
             Staff of the Magi, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Cloak of
             Protection +1, Bracers of Defense A.C.2

Rings: Regeneration +1, Mass Suggestion, Protection +5

Money and Treasure: P.P.-0 / G.P.-4,540,751 / E.P.-0 / S.P.-0 / C.P.-0

Character Notes: Will Add at a Later Date



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